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Extreamly Useful Python Libs that Can Be Installed with Conda and Pip

Nov 27, 2016 • Python • Tags: Python Anaconda


This is a list of very useful python libs that I am using. I post this list to record and to accelerate my developing environment configuration. It will be updated along with time. I hope this list would also be useful for whoever is reading this post.

All the listed libs can be installed easily with conda install or pip install once you have installed Anaconda (see this post on how to install it):

conda install numpy scipy matplotlib pandas jupyter  # just to update
conda install netCDF4 basemap click seaborn statsmodels  # add-ons
pip install nitime pathos xarray scikit-image shapely tqdm termcolor cartopy


For cartopy, we need the Proj4 library and we can install it by

brew install proj


  • numpy, scipy, matplotlib, pandas: basic libs come along with Anaconda
  • jupyter: formerly Ipython Notebook, is a very useful live coding environment
  • netCDF4: a data format widely used in the science community
  • basemap: a basic map plotting lib
  • click: easily creating command line interfaces
  • seaborn: the most beautiful lib for plotting I have ever seen
  • cartopy: another map plotting lib, more beautiful than basemap yet still lack of development
  • shapely: we need this for cartopy
  • statsmodels: for statistics
  • nitimes: for time-series analysis
  • pathos: for multiprocessing
  • xarray: for reading NetCDF dataset
  • pyleoclim: this is the package developed by our gourp, it is a very useful and convenient package for climate scientists who will do data analysis on paleoclimate data
  • lipd: this is the package of the format for paleoclimat data
  • tqdm: the progressbar one may use when a loop takes a long time
  • termcolor: print messages in colors

Tags: Python Anaconda