Learning by doing.

About Me

Hello, world!

My name is Feng Zhu. I like math, science, programming, chess, music, photography, and soccer.

I graduated from UW-Madison with an MS in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences in Spring 2016. Now I am a PhD student in Earth Sciences at USC, doing research on paleoclimatology.

About the Site

This site is powered by Jeykll, a static website generator. I blog my thinking about life and notes about science and technology here.

Ongoing Reading List

Reading is the source of knowledge, and knowledge is power. I write down the ongoing reading list here to log my reading journey.

Coding Projects

I enjoy coding. Theodore von Karman once said, “Scientists discover the world that exists; engineers create the world that never was.” In the daytime, I am a young scientist, doing serious scientific research; at night, I am an enthusiastic programmer, having fun developing tools to improve my workflow and realize my imaginations.

To me, Nature is very similar to a computer program that you don’t know all the rules. It has the shortest and longest temporal scales and the smallest and largest spatial scales, which makes it so fascinating to hack.

I am so happy to be a Nature hacker!

Here is my coding project list.

Design Practice

I also enjoy learning a little bit of design. Some of my practice works could be found here.

Piano Playing

I used to play a little bit of classical guitar. Now I have a digital piano and I have fallen in love with it. My piano playing records could be found here.

One More Thing

In fact the hardest part of research is always to find a question that’s big enough that worth answering but little enough that you can actually answer it. – Edward Witten