LMR Turbo (LMRt)

LMR Turbo (LMRt) is a lightweight, packaged version of the Last Millennium Reanalysia (LMR) framework, inspired by originated by Professor Hakim. LMRt aims to provide following extra features:

  • a package that is easy to install and import in scripts or Jupyter notebooks

  • modularized workflows at different levels:

    • the low-level workflow focuses on the flexibility and customizability

    • the high-level workflow focuses on the convenience of repeating Monte-Carlo iterations

    • the top-level workflow focuses on the convenience of reproducing an experiment purely based on a given configuration YAML file

  • convenient visualization functionalities for diagnosis and validations (leveraging the Series and EnsembleSeries of the Pyleoclim UI)

A preview of the results

Mean temperature

Mean temperature

Niño 3.4 index

Niño 3.4

References of the LMR framework

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Published studies using LMRt

  • Zhu, F., Emile‐Geay, J., Hakim, G. J., King, J., & Anchukaitis, K. J. (2020). Resolving the Differences in the Simulated and Reconstructed Temperature Response to Volcanism. Geophysical Research Letters, 47(8), e2019GL086908.

  • Zhu, F., Emile-Geay, J., Anchukaitis, K., Hakim, G., Wittenberg, A., Morales, M., & King, J. (2021). Volcanoes and ENSO: a re-appraisal with the Last Millennium Reanalysis.